Vacation Destination: Rajasthan

There is a long list of reasons why everyone should visit Rajasthan in India. There is a little something for everyone to do and enjoy, making it fun for all. Families, students, backpackers, retirees, and couples can all find something to keep them busy while taking time to learn about a new and exciting place in the world. The mix of history and adventure will fit any needs, so learn how to get in on the fun in India.

locals with camels

These locals are hanging with their camels at a market found in Rajasthan. Taken by Koshy Koshy.

Rajasthan lies in the northwest region of India. It is the largest state by size, so these is a lot of area to explore. The native language in this area is actually called “Rajasthani”, so its an easy name to remember if you end up learning any local words while on your trip here. The language is actually still used in some parts of Pakistan as well. The area around Rajasthan is mostly desert, with a very dry air. When the temperatures get hot, a dry heat is felt, which is generally more comfortable than that of high humidity. The Thar Desert is what covers most of the area. On the north side, there is a small area that contains vegetation. Even though it is only a small part of the area, it contains a wide variety of plants. There are seven main districts in Rajasthan, each one having its own sub-divided cities as well.

Jaipur is the main city found within Rajasthan, and has many fun sites to check out. It is also the capital city, which makes it important for the state’s economy and political functions.  By taking a look at the top 6 things to do in Rajasthan, you may have a better experience than planning your time on your own. Getting around the city is quite easy these days, as it has become more suitable for tourists in the past couple decades. There are a large number of restaurants and hotels in the area, so it’s quite simple ti find decent western accommodation. For the history lovers, you can check out some of the old temples and government buildings. For those seeking more adventure, you can do either a camel or elephant safari to experience the surrounding areas.

Jaipur International Airport is the easiest way to enter in the city by international means. It flies to and from many countries, making it accessible to all. If coming from another part of India, the rail or bus system may be your best bet. Although, flights do arrive from other parts of India as well. This may be especially helpful if you are coming from somewhere in the far south.

Rajasthan has a unique culture, which should also be explored. Some local dishes are only found in this part of the world, such as mirchi bada and ghevar. You will have to visit here to find out what they are! Ritual dances are done throughout towns because the culture still thrives in some parts today. Large, colorful artwork can be found in the streets, as this is the local style. Even elephants may be decorated in colorful garb, for religious or spiritual reasons.


One of the dance traditions, practiced for hundreds of years. Taken by Koshy Koshy.

Overall, a visit to Rajasthan will never disappoint a traveler. The culture is original and provides a great learning tool. The area is large, and wants to be filled with your footsteps. Animals that aren’t founf in most parts of the world exist here, even to carry you around the hills! The desert ecosystem is a fascinating place to observe, and fills one with the musings of ancient times. The capital city of Jaipur is thriving with all kinds of fun and energy. You better start packing your bags as Rajasthan is calling your name!


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